Business Development
with Technology

My customers in the areas of heavy machin­ery, medical technologies and automotive would like to expand their businesses: New products, services or features, efficient pro­duct development, innovation.

For this they are seeking a sparring partner, who stands by their side and is capable of turning the complex interweaving network of hardware, soft­ware and electronics to business success – and at the same time supports internal project manager in setting up development projects, implementing and optimizing them.

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Developing highly profitable
products and services

The combination of hardware, electronics and software offers tremendous added value to your customers – and opens up new areas for generating re­venue. E. g.: modular software architecture and optional electronics boards will allow to incrementally extend systems and your customers will benefit from bet­ter machine utilization and up time.

This way, your core field of business can be extended by predictive maintenance, control units, services, modular extendibility with lucrative features and poten­tial variants. The prerequisite for this: Business development goals achieved through electronics and software are part of the product development, the plan­ning of the system architecture and the implementation project.

I will support you on CEO level strategically, technically, and in building up a strong interdisciplinary team. Being your sparring partner, I will condense the facts for you, so that you can make business decision fast and profit oriented.

Industry 4.0 – tangible

How fast are you able to react to your customers’ requirements? Is your device design modular? And will your product structure allow variants? Are your sup­porting CAD, PLM and ERP systems integrated? Is the product generation process already capable of industry 4.0? Is your manufacturing flexible enough to swiftly and efficiently switch between variants?

Together we will identify and increase your individual industry 4.0 maturity level, especially focusing on strategy and technical structure of your products. This encompasses technical sales, product management, research and development, purchasing, manufacturing and service. This way we will master strategic inno­vations, such as customizing with batch size 1 while keeping production effi­ciency on serial level. As partner of your project managers I may assume the re­sponsibility for implementation and the final result.

Better results from research
and development

Sometimes the research and development department will not yield the results that you may have been expecting. But you cannot pin point the ultimate rea­sons for this. You get varying assessments from different parts of your business; the whole picture remains foggy. This is like piloting a plane with blind folds on – an extremely uncomfortable and dangerous situation for the leadership team and the staff.

As your partner I understand your goals. I will weed through the complex network of specifications, implementation documentation, technical feasibility, avail­ability of resources, employee qualification, intellectual property issues, mile­stone monitoring, technical difficulties, unexpected setbacks, human issues, ex­ecution discipline, hidden agendas, measurability of your success through KPIs, manufacturing cost, cost margin, return on invest and many more.

At the same time I will reach out to the individual stakeholders in the depart­ments and will develop a solution proposal, which will boost performance and integrate key contributors in the best possible way.

Fast implementation of strategies

Technical development and changes in processes must be implemented fast and smoothly. Employees need to always be won over, since the change process often affects essential parts of your enterprise. As your partner I will put together a powerful team of company associates and possibly external experts out of my network of industry specialists. This will sustainably increase the competency in your company.

Next, I will support your internal project managers with the implementation. When can we be ready for the market with which features? Which level of invest is necessary? How do we ensure the right quality? How will the roll-out take place? Are agile methodologies suitable for incremental solution generation?

For you as the CEO, I am your advocate in the project and deliver timely and decision-relevant information as well as candid feedback.

Strategic sparring partner

Strategic decisions in technical areas present a unique challenge as they need to take the ever less transparent network of hardware, electronics and software into consideration in addition to complex market changes. Leadership teams choose me as their strategic partner, who untangles the network, unveils the technical differentiators, refines market opportunities, includes employees and external partners and develops a tangible action plan.

As your trusted advisor, I will evaluate your innovative ideas discreetly and with­out any risk for you. I will list the pros and cons, develop different scenarios, scout the solution space and together we will find the best sequence of actions for your particular situation.


Love got me into technology: Love for complex problems, multidimensional issues, almost infinite solution space and fields of application. Being fas­cinated by the complex web of physical intricacies and software, I was one of the first three students at my high school to program computers.

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