Key Facts

  • Master degree in Computer Science
  • More than 15 years development management in line and matrix organizations
  • American and German high tech and software companies
  • Domain integration: electronics, software, machinery, medical technologies
  • 6 years in the US; various stays in China
  • Consultant since 2010, altogether 7 projects, more details on request

How did I get there

Love got me into technology: Love for complex problems, multidimensional issues, almost infinite solution space and fields of application. Being fascinated by the complex web of physical intricacies and software, I was one of the first three students at my high school to program computers.

To this point this fascination of complexity with all its opportunities is what drives me. But technical acumen and nerdy micromanagement will not solve demanding tasks. This I learned in one of my first positions as project manager at Motorola. In a complex environment it is always the team that will excel to highest performance and yield the best result. Because of this, it will be one of my first tasks in our engagement to put together powerful and dynamic teams.

The positive side effect: high productivity is secured also beyond my mandate in your company.

Useful updates
by mail

I am writing my “update” on a regular basis – ad-free with instantly applicable food for thought. It will be published in print by fall.

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